Who you are

You may be in school, trying to get an internship or job or struggling with a CS class. You may be a programmer that wants to design or designer that wants to program. You may be in a completely different field and wondering about how to get started in tech or how viable those tech bootcamps are. You may be gearing up to go to your first hackathon. You may be trying to get more twitter followers!

Who our volunteers are

We all have some affliation to Tech@NYU. Uh, we've pretty much got the full spectrum covered. We are are product managers, designers, founders, engineers, investors, hackers, marketing strategists, venture capitalists, social media gurus and freelancers. We don't have all the answers but we'd like to think we're pretty darn smart and we'd love to share our experiences and how we got where we are.

How do you talk to someone?

Look at our list of volunteers! If there's anyone you find interesting, Go ahead and book a time with them! :)


  • Abhi Agarwal -

    Software & Co-founder @ NewsAI I graduated from NYU in May 2016, and I started a company after I graduated called NewsAI. At NYU I studied History of Science & AI at Gallatin.

    Can talk about: I'd love to talk about anything! Software, entrepreneurship, why rainbows are real, etc..

  • Gunes Yalcin -

    junior majoring in computer science Hi! My name is Gunes and I'm from Istanbul. I'm a junior majoring in Computer Science at NYU. I'm interested in the intersection of technology and strategy. Other than Tech@NYU, I'm also in the e-board of Stern Management Consulting Group and Turkish Political Society. I'd like to pursue technology consulting upon graduation. Some of my hobbies are running, cooking, and traveling.

    Can talk about: For those who want to pursue a career in business/finance/consulting rather than engineering, it's important to know how to use your technical skills in the business world. I'd like to advise you on how to your STEM major for recruiting and how to use your coding skills outside of classroom..

  • Heather Schindler -

    Senior at NYU studying History and Communications; Marketing Lead at Tech@NYU I have held a number of internships in various fields, ranging from public relations and marketing to tech and finance. I am interested in helping people in business, communications, etc. who lack technical skills engage with the tech industry. My hobbies include following the news, running, and vintage shopping. I am excited by this initiative because I love giving advice to others and learning about what they're working on and passionate about!

    Can talk about: The intersection of tech and communications/marketing; working in tech without knowing how to code.

  • Dana Lee -

    student at NYU I'm a student from the Philippines studying Computer Science. Outside of CS, I enjoy eating, photography, and yoga. I used to intern at an NYC startup and Adobe on the Behance team doing Software Engineering. This summer I'll be interning at Etsy as a Software Engineer on the Stats and Product Architecture team. I'm quite close to the CS professors on the 4th floor (I know, very specific) since I am part of Women in Computing (WinC), and we have an office in the Math building. In fact, I used to be the President of WinC! I'm also involved with Tech@NYU and previously lead Startup Week and the Freshman Circuit.

    Can talk about: - Software Engineering internships and job hunting - Interview prep for software engineering - Tech@NYU and WinC - Being friends with your professors - Hackathons - Starting in Computer Science - Networking - Ladies in tech - Visa issues.

  • Vivek Patel -

    Google software engineer Early President at Tech@NYU, joined Oyster, got acquired by Google

    Can talk about: Software engineering, first career moves, Tech@NYU, e-commerce, product management, books.

  • David Wang -

    Student studying Statistics and Information Systems - going to be a full-time Associate Product Manager I love working with data and product thinking to solve problems in our world, particularly in the education, health, and professional development space. At university, I currently serve as President of an incredibly passionate and talented team known as Tech@NYU. I'm also working on an honors thesis that examines the impact of extracurricular activity on academic performance and job placement. Outside of university, I dance hip-hop and make drone videos with my twin brother.

    Can talk about: product management, finance, business school, data science, statistics, life.

  • Brenton Durkee -

    Student studying computer science and freelance developer I am a current junior studying computer science and the current head of Infrastructure for Tech@NYU. I love building new things, meeting new people, and exploring the world.

    Can talk about: Software, developing, server infrastructure, building a product, travel.

  • Kevin Cronly -

    Software Engineer/Student I am a software engineer (intern) at Clarifai, and a student in NYU Stern studying computer science and statistics. I am also the lead of HackDays for Tech@NYU.

    Can talk about: First career moves, mobile development, actually getting recruiters to respond to your desperate emails, finding an internship with zero experience.

  • Omayeli Arenyeka -

    Student studying Computer Science, Design and Art. I'm an international student from Nigeria in my senior year at NYU Gallatin. Gallatin is the make your own major school so my major consists of art, design and code. I'm really into exploring those intersections. This past year I worked as a UI Engineer at LinkedIn and I was an Engineering Resident at Siberia when I studied abroad in London.While at Linkedin I was a CODE2040 Fellow, a program for black and brown engineers (look it up!)

    Can talk about: Being a programmer who designs. Creative coding (data visualizations, making games, generative art e.t.c.) Being a black woman in tech. Building side projects. Non-traditional tech roles and programs (working in interactive news, agencies, alternative art schools), visa issues.

  • Freia Lobo -

    Intern @ Mashable, Future APM @ Twitter I'm a new grad from NYU taking a few months off to chill. Currently interning at Mashable, joining Twitter full time in September as an APM. I've done internships at Google in product + engineering and TAd at Girls Who Code. Happy to talk about my experiences.

    Can talk about: Product, Tech internships (esp at Google), San Francisco, Getting involved on campus, Twitter, Books.